Persian Rug Cleaning


At Carpet Repair we treat every Persian rug individually. Each rug is carefully examined by a skilled technician who will decide on the best cleaning process for your rug based on its dye, weave, and condition. Carpet Repair makes sure that all of the chemicals and machines used on your Persian rug will not harm or degrade the dyes, weave, or fibers.

Our rug cleaning technicians only use 100% certified organic cleansers that are free of chemicals and toxins that can be harmful to your Persian rug and environment. Carpet Repair’s staff has acquired decades of experience that will leave your Persian rug looking new again.

Persian rug


Carpet Repair will customize a cleaning process for every Persian rug. We gently hand wash your rug with organic solutions that contain 100% natural cleaning enzymes. Eliminating harmful chemicals and toxins protects the dye and fiber of the rug, as well as providing you with a healthier environment.

The hand washing process will remove dirt, stains, and pet odor as well as rejuvenate the shine and softness of the rug. Your Persian rug is valuable and Carpet Repair has the cleaning and restoring techniques that will protect the quality and value of your rug. If you are located in the Washington DC, Virginia, or Maryland area, please call us for a free, over the phone, estimate and to schedule a pickup time.

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Persian rugs are valuable investments and can last for generations if you maintain them properly. Inexperienced cleaners will use harmful chemicals and machines that can cause irreversible damage to the dyes and fibers of your rug.

Carpet Repair uses GreenChoice cleaning products that will protect the value of your Persian rug. Our in-house Washington DC Persian rug cleaning specialists and technicians have over two decades of experience and utilize the most advanced tools to clean, protect, and prolong the life of your Persian rug.

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