Silk Rug Cleaning


Purchasing a silk rug is an expensive investment and many times even becomes a family heirloom for generations if kept in good condition. Silk can be durable, especially if blended with wool, however, it is necessary to carefully handle silk during cleaning.

At Carpet Repair, our expert technicians, with decades or experience, will carefully examine your rug. They will then formulate the safest and most affective cleaning process for your rug based on its fiber content, origin, and condition. It is extremely important to have rug expert who will know how to handle your silk rug properly maintaining its condition and value.

Silk rug restoration


Carpet Repair will create a cleaning process specially customized according to the materials and condition of your silk rug. When we start to deep clean your rug it will be according to the best practices in our industry and based on our years of rug cleaning experience in the Washington DC metro area. Our deep cleaning will lift and remove the dirt, hair, organic or non-organic stains, and pet odor from your rug.

As a service to our clients, we clean rugs according to the green standards of our industry. We do not use chemical cleaners that often contain toxins and can create health concerns for pets and children. After we remove the dirt and grime, areas that you thought were worn or faded will return back to their original state.