Wool Rug & Carpet Cleaning


Wool is the most commonly used rug fiber in handmade and luxury rugs because of its durability and softness. If you want to maintain and extend the life of your wool carpet, seek the help of a professional rug cleaner who knows how to properly examine and clean your rug. Our technicians do a great job at wool rug & carpet cleaning.

At Carpet Repair, we individually examine every rug noting the condition, weave, and dye of each. This allows us to formulate the most effective and efficient cleaning process for your rug. Between an expert examination, tailored cleaning solution, and technicians with decades of experience, your wool rug will look bright and new.

Wool rug cleaning
Rug cleaning


At Carpet Repair our rug cleaning technicians begin by carefully examining your wool rug taking into consideration its condition, weave, and dye. They will then formulate an effective and safe cleaning process for your rug. Lastly, after decades of perfecting the skill of wool rug cleaning, our technicians will have your wool rug looking and feeling new again.


Handmade wool rugs are valuable investments and many times considered works of art. When your rug needs deep cleaning you should consult a professional cleaner who offers many advantages over home cleaning solutions. Home cleaning only cleanses the top of the rug.

They cannot clean dirt or stains in the pile of the rug. If you choose the wrong cleaner or use a cleaner the wrong way, you can risk damaging the dye and fibers of the wool causing fading and other complications.

Wool Rug & Carpet Cleaning
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A standout amongst the preferences about wool may be that it camwood hiddenite An colossal add up of soil in the recent past it starts to demonstrate. However, this camwood reason indoor air caliber Furthermore smell issues and lessen those existence for your rug. Soil is verwoerd abrasive What’s more will wear down those rug fibers unless concentrated.

The good news is that it will not hurt your wool carpet to clean it using the industry-recommended hot water extraction (steam) cleaning method. This is the most thorough, effective method for removing that greasy, gritty, fiber-eating soil from the base of the carpet.

Being an natural fiber, wool will tend should emanation An spot like An wet canine when cleaned. Don’t worry: this smell will rapidly scatter as the rug dries. Drying if detract never again over 2 will 6 hours on normal. Our technicians have a high experience of wool carpet cleaning. Also check out our Rug & Carpet Repair if you need any help with your carpet repair, we are here to help you out.